Stowe Fondue

123 Mountain Road

(802) 585 3684

Swiss Fondue in the heart of Stowe, Vermont

Open 4:30pm to 10pm Daily
Walk-ins and Large groups welcome!


We welcome you to join us in the fun of Fondue.

Originally created to survive the harsh winters of the Alps.  The tradition of melting cheese and dipping bread has evolved to an engaging dining experience.

Try traditional Swiss Fondue or experiment with our Vermont inspired recipe using aged Cabot Cheddar. 

We also offer meat fondue and yes, of course to end it all chocolate fondue.

For those who wish to keep to their own plates we offer a wide selection of entrées including Steak, Trout, Pasta dishes and of course Schnitzel. 

We also have gluten free, Vegan and Vegetarian options.

Please make your reservation today.

More than just fondue

We have an extensive menu, including appetizers, soups, salads, entrées, kids’ menu, desserts, AND fondue.


 The history of Fondue:

There is great debate over the creator of Fondue.  Some say it was the French some the Swiss but no one can deny that it was developed in the Alpen region of Europe. 

The origin story is that one snowy winter deep in the Alpes a community was cut off from world by heavy snows.  As their food stock depleted, they only had old (very hard) bread and the leftover cheese rinds.  These alone were uneatable. 

They melted down the rinds, added a bit of wine for flavor and to keep it from burning and then soaked the rock-hard bread in the melted cheese.  The entire town came together over these pots of melted cheese and bread and survived.  Thus, was born the activity of eating together with friends and family over communal pots of melted cheese.